Research and development support

A test setup was designed and built for research and development. This test setup resembles a residential hot water system.

The distribution system is a circulation pipe. The test setup is designed in such a way that the production unit can be easily replaced at the request of the customer. Tests are currently being carried out with an electric boiler and heat pump boiler. We also provide a heat pump boiler connected to solar collectors. This allows testing different system configurations with these components. Of course, your specific hardware can also be installed and tested.

Within this test setup you can safely work with Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, this allows us to test and optimize the effectiveness of anti-Legionella products before introducing them to the market, but also to test your hardware specifically for possible Legionella risks.

Tests on other systems, in lab or through simulation models, can certainly be discussed. Contact us and we will talk about what is possible.

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